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The Trick For Super Crispy Hash Brown Waffles
One appliance that’s full of surprises is the waffle iron, as people across the internet have been using theirs to make waffled pizza, mac and cheese, eggs, and more. However, each waffled dish needs a little tweak or added ingredient to ensure success, and former NBA star Shaquille O’ Neal has one for hash brown waffles.
O'Neal states in his book "Shaq's Family Style" that to get the ideal texture out of hash brown waffles, you should spread your hash brown mix (consisting of pre-shredded frozen potatoes) all the way to the edges of the waffle grid. Evenly distributing your mix creates that essential golden brown, crispy exterior that every hash brown lover wants.
O'Neal also suggests adding loaded baked potato ingredients like bacon, scallions, and shredded cheese to your hash brown waffles. While you're getting creative with your waffle maker, feel free to mix in your favorite flavors to ensure that your hash browns will taste unique.