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The Trick For Removing Pomegranate Seeds Without A Mess
Most people love a good pomegranate — a thick, red-skinned fruit stuffed with glossy, sweet seeds — but when was the last time you ate one? Many consumers choose not to buy pomegranates because the seeds are so difficult to remove from the surrounding pith, but there are a few tricks that can help you easily extract pomegranate seeds.
The traditional method to cut pomegranate is to slice off the top so some seeds are visible, then slice the skin into quarters from top to bottom without cutting into the flesh; finally, separate the pomegranate into four pieces, exposing the seeds. However, seeds can go flying when you crack the fruit open, and you still have to avoid the pith.
The "fanning method" suggests slicing the pomegranate in half vertically, then cutting the exposed half with four equally spaced, parallel slices, about one inch long and one inch deep. Then, take the pomegranate half and hold it over a bowl, seed side down, and fan the pomegranate open, but not apart, until the seeds fall out.
Finally, this no-mess method is the simplest way to remove the seeds of a pomegranate. First, prepare a bowl of water, then remove the crown of the fruit, cut it into four sections, and place the sections into the bowl of water. Using your fingers, gently remove the seeds, getting rid of everything else; then, simply strain the water and enjoy!