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The Trick For Finding The Freshest Produce At The Grocery Store
It is undoubtedly a disappointment to buy fresh produce at the grocery store only to discover that it has started to go bad a day or two after being unpacked at home. Nevertheless, there are tricks to selecting the freshest produce at the grocery store.
It is best to dig deep for the freshest items, especially for fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, baked goods, or any other perishable items, since store stockers put the new things behind the old items, according to Taste of Home. Men's Health also recommends using your senses when selecting produce items.
Buying fruits or vegetables out of their growing season could mean it was either stored for a long time or traveled many miles to get from their point of origin to the store shelves. By shopping in-season, Men's Health says understanding what is in season can save money on groceries and get tastier produce items.