Scrambling eggs in pan with wooden spoon
The Trick For Cooking The Finest Folded Eggs
Folded eggs are like a hybrid between omelets and scrambled eggs. In this dish, the eggs are scrambled in a hot pan, but kept in an appealing, circular omelet-like shape.
To achieve perfectly-folded eggs, the key is to keep your pan on high heat and move your eggs around quickly. Begin by whisking your eggs with heavy cream, salt, and pepper.
Next, heat butter in a pan over high heat, pour the egg mixture in, and let it sit for 20 seconds untouched. Then, move your eggs around the pan in a circular motion.
Scramble until the eggs are cooked, but have a slightly wet-looking texture. Let them sit for one minute and then remove from the pan for fluffy, moist, elegant-looking eggs.