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The Trendy Oakland Wine Bar That Celebrates
Its Staff
Many restaurant owners have become all too familiar with staffing shortages in the aftermath of the global pandemic, but only a daring number have stepped up to face the problem in a unique way. Stella Dennig and Finn Stern’s management tactics in their Oakland wine bar are a shining example of this, and their overflow of incoming applications is the best proof there is.
DAYTRIP is an establishment in which team member empowerment is vital. After consulting with their employees Dennig and Stern decided on a transparent pay system that consisted of an above-minimum wage base pay, plus an equally distributed tip pool generated by a 20% service fee instead of traditional tipping, averaging out to a starting pay of $31 per hour.
Additionally, by raising their menu prices by 5%, DAYTRIP was able to offer their full-time workers health care. These vital changes make employees feel valued and provide a sense of accountability which comes back to the customer in the form of excellent service.