Freshly cut, homemade pasta noodles
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The Traditional Italian Method To Give Your Pasta A Crunchy Boost
Southern Italy has a different approach to cooking pasta. Instead of boiling it in a large pot, Apulians throw their pasta right in the frying pan.
One method, called risottatura, uses water for a risotto-like finish, but they also have a technique for cooking crunchy pasta by swapping out the water for olive oil.
This traditional cooking technique turns fresh pasta into a crunchy addition to any pasta dish or can be added to soups and salads as an alternative to croutons.
To try this at home, you’ll need fresh pasta, as dried pasta will burn too quickly. Cut the pasta into 2-inch pieces to fit the pan and prevent it from tangling when stirred.
In a large pot or skillet, cook the pasta in a quarter cup of olive oil over medium heat for 10 to 12 minutes until thoroughly browned and crispy.
Use a slotted spoon to transfer the pasta to a paper towel to absorb excess oil before adding it to your meal, or put it in a food processor to make a meatball binding agent.