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The Trader Joe's Raw Shrimp That Mimics The Flavor Of Lobster
Out of many seafood items offered by Trader Joe's, its Wild Raw Argentinian Red Shrimp has satisfied the taste buds of several people who think it mimics the flavor of lobster.
Bright red in color, the shrimp is large compared to other frozen varieties, so each bite provides plenty of meatiness, similar to what you might be used to when eating lobster.
It's sourced from Argentina's Patagonian region. Due to the nutrients in the cold-water environment of this region, the fish has fresh, sweet flavors, reminiscent of fresh lobster.
You can find Trader Joe's raw shrimp in the freezer section next to the frozen fish products, but it may vary per your location. You get four servings of about six shrimp per bag.
There's a pre-seasoned version available, too. The outlet recommends serving the shrimp on a skewer broiled or grilled, tossed in a sauce, or served over a bed of cauliflower rice.