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The Trader Joe's Mini Dessert Ted Allen Can't Get Enough Of
There’s a reason why so many customers are willing to brave Trader Joe’s infamously crowded parking lots and store aisles, and it all has to do with the grocery chain's exclusive products that are as mouth-watering as they are unique. One of TJ's seasonal ice cream treats is even heartily recommended by celebrity chef Ted Allen.
Allen's Trader Joe's treat of choice is the fan favorite Hold the Cone dessert in a seasonal peppermint variety that's perfect for the winter holiday season. "I'm not actually a regular at Trader Joe's, but I'll make a special trip for these mini ice cream cones with chocolate on top," the Food Network star told The Kitchn.
These mini ice cream cones consist of a chocolate coated cocoa-infused sugar cone with the bottom dipped in chocolate, then filled with peppermint ice cream and even more chocolate. If Allen is willing to make a detour for this special box of Hold the Cone treats, true TJ's loyalists will likely go even crazier for them.