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The Trader Joe's Dessert
Ina Garten Calls 'Absolutely Delicious'
Trader Joe's has an extensive selection of premade and frozen meals, and the fact that these easy meals are actually high quality goes a long way in building the brand loyalty that defines so many Trader Joe's fanatics. One such fan is chef Ina Garten, who says she’s a big fan of one Trader Joe’s dessert in particular.
During a recent appearance on the Today show, Ina Garten shared that she’s a big fan of Trader Joe's Apple Tart, which only needs to be heated up to make for a quick, easy, and delicious treat. She went on to dress it up with some ice cream and warm caramel sauce, making for a beautiful display.
Take it easy this holiday by skipping a dessert made from scratch and serve this with this Ina Garten-approved treat instead. We all want to be super hosts during the holidays, and sometimes it’s good to admit you don't have to do everything and leave a few items up to the professionals.