Cold Brew Coffee with roasted coffee bean, wooden board
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The Trader Joe's Cold Brew To Consider For A Stronger Coffee Flavor
While you can certainly get a good cup of cold brew from your local café, it’s simple to make it yourself and save money and time. For the absolute easiest coffee at home, you can even go with a store-bought, ready-to-drink option, such as Trader Joe's Organic Cold Brew Coffee, which is much higher-quality than you'd think.
Trader Joe's Organic Cold Brew comes in a glass bottle and is made with 100% Arabica coffee, and unlike Trader Joe's Instant Cold Brew powder, it never has a diluted or watery flavor. The product is steeped in cold water for 20 hours, mixed with chilled espresso, then infused with nitrogen, just like a cup from an artisanal coffee shop.
Since it's already in liquid form and requires no extra water, this version of TJ's cold brew provides a more robust coffee flavor with every sip. The bottle is a little pricier than a container of coffee powder, but it's worth it for the smoother taste, and will still save you the time and money you'd spend buying cups from a café.