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The Trader Joe's Cheese That Will Impress The Most Discerning Palates
If you want to taste exquisite cheeses from around the globe, you don’t have to buy a plane ticket — just head to your local Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s offers many artisanal cheeses at an affordable price, and beyond the typical brie and Parmigiano, one TJ's offering stands out as an amazing addition to your next charcuterie board.
"Mini Basque Cheese" is Trader Joe's name for P'tit Basque, an artisan sheep's milk cheese from the Basque region of France. This creamy cheese, which is aged for 70 days, has an earthy, nutty flavor with floral and caramel notes, and has received impressive accolades from culinary experts who espouse its excellent quality.
Anne Saxelby, founder of Saxelby Cheesemonger, put the Mini Basque Cheese on her list of the top 5 best cheeses at Trader Joe's, and recommends enjoying it with tart cherry preserves on a toasted baguette. At $13.19 per pound, this classy and special cheese isn't the cheapest product at TJ's, but it's worth every penny.