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The Toxic Reason You Should Never Can Your Own Butter
While many items can safely be canned at home, butter isn’t one of them. If you attempt to do so, it can have life-threatening consequences.
Butter must be preserved in a way to prohibit bacteria from forming, which can be difficult since butter lacks a significant amount of acidity.
Since butter has a high pH value, it's a fitting environment for the growth of potentially lethal toxins like Clostridium botulinum when jars are improperly processed.

You can use pressure canning to effectively prevent lethal spores from developing in low-acid foods like butter, but attempting this process at home can be risky.
To preserve butter, you can freeze freshly-churned butter in sticks or tubs for a year or longer, or buy commercially processed tins from professionals.
To avoid botulism altogether, you can shop for clarified butter or ultra-long-lasting freeze-dried butter. However, butter is meant to be enjoyed fresh and doesn’t last forever.