Sliced quesadilla on plate with bowl of sauce
The Tortilla Trick To Give Your Breakfast Quesadillas Flavor In Each Bite
Though not as popular as breakfast tacos or burritos, breakfast quesadillas are delightful, customizable treats. However, you do need to take care to ensure flavor in every bite.
The trick for evenly distributed flavor is to add your fillings directly to the scrambled eggs you'll put in the quesadillas, rather than cooking them separately and layering them.
You'll use two tortillas to make a round quesadilla, instead of one tortilla folded in half, which is the standard for some recipes. Cheese and eggs act as binding agents.
Cook your meat, veggies, and other add-ins in a pan, then spread them evenly across the pan's surface and add whisked eggs. Once the eggs begin to set, add a tortilla on top.
Cook until the eggs have fused with the tortilla, then flip. Spread cheese on the top of your eggs before adding the second tortilla, cook for a few minutes more, and serve.