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The Tortilla Press Hack You Should Use For Pie Shells
It’s hard to resist a time-saving kitchen hack from time to time, especially when baking, which usually requires a lot of patience. Using your own kitchen gadgets to do double-duty is about as convenient as it gets, and there are few hacks greater than creating a perfect half-moon pie shell using a tortilla press.
Operating a tortilla press is fairly simple: place a ball of tortilla dough in between two pieces of plastic or wax paper, before pressing the top of the device down to flatten the dough, then flip the dough over to press again. This results in a perfectly rounded and flattened tortilla, so why can’t it work for folded hand pies?
Rolling out pie dough with a rolling pin is tedious, but pressing a ball of dough flat in a tortilla press is a snap. After your dough is flattened, all you have to do is fill one half of your dough round with your favorite pie filling, fold it into a half-moon shape, and crimp the edges before brushing with egg wash and baking.