Corn Tortillas. Food made with nixtamalized corn, a staple food in several American countries, an essential element in many Latin American dishes.
The Tortilla Hack For Making Samosas In A Fraction Of The Time
If you crave the spice and crunch of samosas but don't have time to make proper pastry shells from scratch, turn to store-bought tortillas to cut down on cooking time.
Start by warming up your tortillas, whether it's with a tortilla warmer, in a skillet, or by steaming them. This will soften them for easier folding and make them taste fresher.
Take a warmed, 10-inch flour tortilla and cut it in half, Prepare the paste for sealing the samosas by pouring flour into a bowl and gradually adding water until it gets thick.
With your finger, spread some paste on the straight edge of the halved tortilla. With the pasted edge facing you, make a cone by folding one corner of the tortilla.
Fold it in an upward and diagonal direction toward the curved side. Do the same with the other corner going in the opposite direction, then press down on the seams to seal them.
Spoon 1 to 2 tablespoons of samosa filling into the cone, leaving enough space to seal it properly. Apply paste along the inner edge of the open flap, then press the seam closed.
Pan-fry the samosas in oil over medium heat until the wrappers turn golden brown, or cook them in the air fryer. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.