Egg salad in a white bowl
The Top Way To Chop Eggs For Egg Salad
Chopping hard-boiled eggs for egg salad will almost always take a lot of knife work and yield jagged, uneven pieces. Using a whisk is much easier and stress-free.
If you chop your hard-boiled eggs with a metal whisk, you'll find that the thin steel wire cuts through the egg whites perfectly while also mixing them with the yolks.
The whisk creates large-enough pieces of egg whites to give you a tender yet satisfying bite, while breaking up the yolks into a sauce to hold the salad together.
For this technique, use a bowl big enough to fit all your eggs and any add-ins. Slice your eggs in half and place them sliced side down and flat against the bowl.
Mash the eggs with whisk until you get the texture you want. It can be chunky or finer for a smoother end result, and you can achieve either texture in mere seconds.
Once your eggs are mashed, you can add mayonnaise, sour cream, seasonings, and any other ingredients you like. The best part is that all you’ll have to clean is a bowl and a whisk.