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The Top Tip You Need To Make Green Bean Casserole In Advance
The holiday season is all about food, and making dishes in advance and heating them up on the day of a feast can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. A favorite Thanksgiving side dish, green bean casserole, can be put together ahead of time with no decrease in quality, as long as you add one ingredient right before serving.
The original green bean casserole consists of cream of mushroom soup, milk, soy sauce, green beans, and canned fried onions, and modern versions can include mushrooms, cream, or crispy shallots. To make this dish in advance, assemble the whole casserole as usual, but don't add the onion or shallot topping just yet.
The onion topping can get soggy in the fridge, and adding it right before baking makes the casserole more fragrant. After assembling the casserole, store the dish in the fridge, or you can let it come to room temperature and store it in the freezer — minus the onion topping — for two weeks, though it may get a little moist.