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The Top Tip You Need To Get The Best Seat At A Restaurant
Walking into a restaurant during peak dinner hours will probably make you agree that most servers deserve a raise and a paid vacation, as they make less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Being kind to your server will not only make their day, but it can also get you the best seat in the house.
According to former hosts, who have top tips for getting the best service, treat your host like a human being. One host said, “I would bump up [on the waitlist] the kind, understanding guests, or try to get a manager to send over a free app,” while others said to let your host know if you’re celebrating a special occasion, so they can get you the best table.
Not skimping on the tip is definitely something you should do, but don’t try to dazzle your host by saying you know someone important, as they probably know them too, and will not be impressed by this. Besides, on a busy night, your host cannot find space that does not exist, so be sure to recognize the efforts your hosts and servers put in.