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The Top Tip You Need For A Perfect Gin Old Fashioned
Today, an Old Fashioned is made with either bourbon or rye, combined with a little sugar, bitters, and a twist of orange rind. However, Jerry Thomas, who wrote the first English book of cocktail recipes in 1862, made the drink with “one jigger Holland gin;” to try the original gin-based recipe, though, you will need to consider one important factor.
For a classic Old Fashioned, ordinary, clear gin isn’t the ideal choice; instead, go for gin that’s been barrel aged. Barrel aging mellows gin, adding depth and complexity of flavor, while imparting a honeyed color, along with vanilla and caramel notes from the wood — which pair perfectly with bitters, simple syrup, and orange zest.
Some barrel-aged gins to look for include Vermont-made Barr Hill's Tomcat Reserve Gin, Philadelphia Distilling's Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin, and Corsair Distillery's Nashville-produced Barreled Gin. Once you have your barrel-aged gin, you can also try using it in a hot toddy, a Manhattan, or simply mix it with ginger ale.