Beef steaks on the grill with flames, green garnish, and chili peppers
The Top Cuts Of Beef For Sugar Steak
"Sugar steak" is coated in a rub that is heavy on the white sugar, then seared over high heat to caramelize the exterior. However, only certain cuts of steak work the best.
Use a thick steak that can take the heat needed to caramelize the crust, without drying out. Bastien's Restaurant in Denver, where sugar steak originated, uses NY strip or ribeye.
T-bones, baseball steaks, and Denver steaks that are cut thickly will also fare well when glazed in sugar and put over high heat. The steak should also be bold and beefy in flavor.
Baseball steaks, cut from the sirloin primal, and Denver steaks, cut from the chuck, are also far more affordable than a ribeye or NY strip, while still yielding great results.