Closeup of steak on grill
The Top Barbecue Tip For Multitasking Grill Masters
Cookouts and barbecues are great ways to enjoy the outdoors and connect with your family and friends, but manning the grill can come with a lot of pressure.
You may be tempted to crank up the heat to get all the food out as fast as possible, but for the best barbecue experience, you should actually turn the temperature down.
Speaking to the Washington Post, pitmaster Ryan Mitchell said he keeps his grill below 325 degrees Fahrenheit for casual cookouts.
Keeping the temperature low allows him to multitask — he can "put a beer in a koozie or make some mixed drinks," as well as have a conversation with his family.
If you're concerned about the grill not being hot enough to cook everything properly, you can always invest in a quality meat thermometer to make sure everything is safe.
Leaving a grill completely unattended is never a good idea, but cooking at a low temperature will give you enough wiggle room so you're not glued to your post.