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The Tool That Will Make Cooking Fried Chicken Much Easier
If you’re craving some crispy, homemade fried chicken but don’t want to deal with the messy ordeal of breading it, then this hack might be just what you're looking for. All that it requires is one extra tool that you may already be planning on breaking out for your frying routine: a spider strainer.
A "spider," as they are commonly called, is essentially a long-handled spoon with a fine-mesh basket resembling a spider web attached. It is often used for fishing food out of hot liquids, like removing hard-boiled eggs from boiling water, or meat from frying oil.
Food writer and podcast host Meghan Splawn suggests putting the flour mixture in a mixing bowl slightly larger than your strainer, burying the bowl end of the strainer in the flour, and dropping the chicken into the bowl. You can then toss the chicken in the flour and thoroughly coat it before lifting it out and easily shaking off the excess.