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The To-Go Coffee Tip You Should Consider
Coffee is beloved by many and is even considered a morning necessity for a lot of people. However, if you’ve ever stood in line at a coffee shop, you’ve probably heard others ordering their coffee in some unique ways and wondered how they seem to know things you don’t. One such lesser-known coffee tip centers around to-go coffee, and it's a game changer.
A very helpful hack is to ask for your coffee in a cup one size bigger than the size you’re ordering. When you’re in a car, speed bumps can be a real hazard for your to-go coffee cup, as they can cause splashing and loss of coffee — but having a bigger cup and the extra room that comes with it can prevent spillage.
The sizing-up hack is not only great for preventing spilling, but it can also often result in getting a little more coffee. For any coffee lover, the idea of getting a little more caffeine to get through the day is probably a favorable one.