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The Tip You Need To Transform Mushrooms Into Vegan Bacon
Thanks to their meaty texture and ability to absorb flavor, mushrooms make an exceptionally versatile meat substitute. However, replicating the smoky, cured taste of bacon and its crisp-chewy texture is much trickier than finding a stand-in for most other meats — so what can you do to make mushrooms taste more like bacon?
To make vegan bacon, it isn’t the variety of mushroom that matters most, but the seasoning. Different recipes use different mushrooms — some use shiitake, others King Oyster or portobello — and though cooking methods also vary, any credible recipe is sure to include one spice in particular: paprika.
Paprika works so well for vegan bacon because it has a similar smoky flavor profile, and since paprika is often used to season meat, you can image that it brings out the natural meatiness of mushrooms. Combine paprika with other "bacon-y" flavors like applewood or maple for a vegan twist that's quite close to the real deal.