Vanilla beans
The Tip To Remember To Get The Absolute Best Vanilla Beans
Fresh vanilla beans are a super useful yet expensive investment for home bakers. If you want to make sure your money isn't wasted on inferior vanilla, follow these tips.
There are a few simple visual cues that indicate which vanilla beans are the best. A good quality vanilla bean looks plump, glossy, and moist, which makes it easy to open.
Dry, brittle vanilla beans that look withered and wrinkled should be avoided. This is a sign that they're old, and it will be difficult to remove the seeds inside.
Look for vendors and brands that sell vanilla beans in clear bags or containers, so you can accurately examine and gauge the beans’ appearance.
To test the texture of vanilla beans in a container, give it a shake and listen. High-pitched sounds hint at dry pods, while duller thuds suggest the beans are still moist.
If you're lucky enough to come across vacuum-sealed packages of vanilla beans, you should opt for those, as they’ll likely be the freshest option available.
When buying the beans online, look for legitimate positive reviews. If they arrive in a clear container, you may be able to examine them and return them unopened if they're duds.