Cut of wagyu beef on countertop
The Tip To Remember Before Freezing Big Quantities Of Meat
Buying large quantities of meat and freezing them for later can help you save more money per pound, but before you put your items in the freezer, there's a step you shouldn't skip.
Before freezing your bulk package of meat, portion and repackage everything into smaller, serving-size portions that you can quickly grab when you need them.
While it is faster to freeze the entire package, you’ll have to thaw and cook all of it at once. The best method is to portion out as much meat as you’d use for a single dish.
Wrap each piece of meat in plastic wrap or freezer paper before sealing it in Ziploc bags. You can also vacuum seal it, which will prevent freezer burn and increase its shelf life.
Label and date the bags before storing them in the freezer laying flat. The smaller your portions are, the quicker they'll freeze and the quicker they'll thaw when you need them.