Chorizo grilled on a wood fire
The Tip To Follow If You're Grilling With Dry Wood For The First Time
Grilling with wood produces intense heat, which is great for steaks, pork chops, baked potatoes, and more, but it can be tricky to maintain the right temperature the whole time.
A simple tip can help a newbie get comfortable with dry-wood grilling: just do your first few rounds of cooking with a mix of wood and charcoal to ease yourself into it.
Using a mix of 50% charcoal and 50% wood is easier because the charcoal will light quickly and burn longer than wood, so the grill won't need as much tending to and maintenance.
Charcoal also burns evenly, providing different heat zones suited for different foods. A few sessions using this method will build confidence to try your first 100% wood grill.
It's important to note that not all wood is safe for cooking, so source it carefully. The wood should be dried and seasoned (not green) to light easily and work up a strong heat.