Several Costco rotisserie chickens in opened plastic containers
The Tip For The Obtaining The Absolute Freshest Rotisserie Chicken At Costco
Costco’s rotisserie chicken is a great deal at $4.99 each, but you'll still want to make sure you get the freshest chicken you can. There's a signal to look out for while shopping.
A bell rings at the Costco deli counter to signal that rotisserie chickens have just been restocked. Hang around the deli for a few minutes, and when you hear the bell, act fast.
If you miss the bell, know that Costco's chickens don't stay on the shelf for more than two hours, which meets USDA safety standards. You still won't wind up with a bad chicken.
As long as they're available to buy, you can be sure that the chickens at your Costco deli counter are still tasty and safe to eat, since they're never allowed to sit out all day.