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The Tip For Getting The Crispiest Fish Involves A Humble Piece Of Brioche
Breading is a great way to add crunch to a fish filet that has no skin to crisp up, but regular bread crumbs don't always cut it. For the best breading on your fish, use brioche.
A crust of rich brioche works best with fish like salmon. You don't even have to turn the brioche into crumbs; simply place the filet on a slice of brioche and trim the edges.
If the brioche is sliced thin enough, about ⅛-inch to ¼-inch thick, it will bind with the proteins of the fish during cooking to form a crispy shell on the bottom of the filet.
If your filet is larger than a slice of bread, cut your loaf of brioche lengthwise. Salmon is great for a first try because a protein called albumin helps it fuse with the bread.