Coffee maker with coffee in it isolated on white background
The Tip For Brewing Great-Tasting Iced Coffee With A Drip Maker
To craft a robust and full-bodied iced coffee with a drip coffee maker, you should halve the volume of water you add to the reservoir to create a brew with a concentrated flavor.
Secondly, add ice to the carafe in the same volume as the water. The hot coffee will melt the ice while the ice rapidly chills the coffee, reducing its bitterness.
If you end up with leftover iced coffee in your drip maker, you can pour the remainder into an ice tray and freeze it to maintain the coffee's robust flavor for future use.
The next time an iced coffee craving hits, you can brew your regular hot coffee and replace regular ice with your DIY flavor-packed cold brew cubes.
For a creamy sweetness in your drink, add a spoonful or two of condensed milk to your glass before pouring in the hot coffee, then add your cold brew ice cubes.