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The Tiny US Island Known As The 'Fudge Capital Of The World'
Mackinac Island, located on Michigan’s Lake Huron, hasn’t allowed cars as a mode of transport for over a century, meaning that residents use roughly 600 horses and 1,489 rentable bicycles total to get around. However, this custom doesn't seem to deter sweets fans from visiting the island for its world-famous fudge.
Rome Murdick opened the first candy shop on Mackinac in the 1880s, and turned fudge-making into a public spectacle by making slabs of candy right in front of customers, and even blew the enticing aromas out into the street using kitchen fans. Today, the island's fudge is still made in Murdick's traditional way, using copper kettles.
According to Mackinac Island's website, a whopping 10 tons of sugar are imported to the island each week in peak fudge season. During this season, the island churns out 10,000 pounds of fudge every day, which is a big part of the reason why Mackinac saw record-high tourism revenue in 2021, with an estimated 650,000 visitors.