beef stew with bread
The Time-Saving Tip When Browning Beef For Stew
Delicious beef stew starts with the key step of browning the meat. To save yourself the time of browning individual beef cubes, simply brown the whole piece of beef.
By browning the whole piece, you're dealing with fewer pieces to turn and manage in the pan, which saves you time and lets you focus on ensuring each side is perfectly browned.
This method also locks in juices and flavors, resulting in every bite being tender and savory. You'll also find that slicing cooked meat is easier and quicker than cutting raw.
Once the beef is seared and cut into cubes, further enhance the browning during the stewing process by letting the beef braise with the lid open so moisture escapes.
When some moisture escapes, it creates a richer stew, and the reduced liquid level allows for further browning. Keep an eye on the liquid level so it doesn’t completely dry out.