Venison sirloin tip toast with seasonings
The Time Of Year When Venison Tastes The Best
The time of year affects the freshness and taste of venison. For the best-tasting and freshest venison, begin your shopping anytime between August and late October.
This will coincide with the early deer hunting season around the country, and you'll have access to the freshest cuts of meat of the highest quality.
The warm weather means deer have less fat, which is bitter, and tallow in their meat compared to late-season venison, when deer have had ample time to build up fat to keep warm.
Additionally, purchasing venison during the early season lets you steer clear of the mating season. When the deer are rutting, their meat can taste very strong.
If you're looking for the best time to buy farmed venison, where deer are raised in controlled environments, the fall season remains your best bet.