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The Tilt Technique You Can Use To Slice Crusty Bread With Ease
Bread is a staple that most folks purchase already bagged and sliced, but pre-packaged bread can’t compete with a fresh loaf from your kitchen. The crackly crust on the outside of bread is one of the best parts, but slicing through it without scattering crumbs everywhere can be tricky — here's a tip to avoid all that.
When slicing crusty bread like a baguette, expert baker at La Brea Bakery Cafés Henk Drakulich says to flip the loaf onto its side, which allows you to get a better grip and maintain control of the bread. This technique may seem strange, but King Arthur Baking Company also advocates for the method.
Tilting the loaf works great with crusty breads, but more delicate loaves can get squashed when downward pressure is applied via your hand and knife, so slice softer breads without turning them over. Follow the tilting tip for sturdier loaves and you'll have neat slices of bread and a mostly crumb-free cutting board.