A bright peach cocktail
The Thunderbolt Is A Rum Cocktail With A Fruity Peach Twist
If you like rum and don't mind a peachy drink, the Thunderbolt is for you. It is built around well-aged rum and infused with dried fruit purée for a special twist.
The drink starts with two ounces of peach-rum justino made by blending dried peaches with Jamaican rum, allowing the mixture to infuse for a week before straining the solids.
Next, add half an ounce of agricole rhum and some crème de pêche. Throw in crushed ice and garnish with mint leaves, and this drink perfectly balances between elegant and vibrant.
With this cocktail, you're greeted by the peach's bold, sweet-tart notes and scent. The rum still shines through, providing a darkly sweet base with a hint of warmth.