Heart shaped sugar cookies with jam on a wooden table
The Thickness Tip To Remember To Guarantee Perfect Sugar Cookies
You may prefer your sugar cookies to be more crunchy or more tender, but the thickness of each cookie should hover around a quarter-inch for a few reasons.
If the cookies are too thin, they'll become brittle and break, but if they’re too thick, they'll be gooey and underbaked. For cookies with the perfect thickness, follow these steps.
Combine all your dough ingredients, and add a bit of cornstarch for extra firmness and stability. Rest the dough in the fridge to relax the gluten and harden the butter.
Flour your work surface and use your hands to gently press the dough flat enough to roll out. Roll it to an even quarter-inch thickness, cut the cookies out, and bake.
The finished cookies will have the perfect texture and thickness, sturdy enough to decorate with icing and not overly soft nor too crunchy.