A kitchen pantry with food items lined up on shelves.
The Tension Rod Trick For Maximizing Storage Space In Your Pantry
Nifty tools and accessories for cooking are one of the joys of spending time in the kitchen, but they often lead to a storage nightmare.
Luckily, tension rods can organize haphazard stacks of baking sheets and platters, securing them in place so that removing one doesn’t topple the lot.
For a neater cupboard, install tension rods vertically to create slots for each item. Use two rods, one in the front and one in the back, to ensure each tray fits securely.
Since a pack of cabinet tension rods costs less than $10, this simple DIY technique will bring order to kitchen storage spaces in a budget-friendly way.
Tension rods yield other creative solutions, too. For example, place S-hooks on a fitted rod to hang pots and pans, which otherwise could be damaged when stacked.