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The 'Tender Heart' Chocolate Cake That Honors Italian Royalty
Elena Petrovich of Montenegro, the wife of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, was so beloved by Italian citizens that a decadent chocolate dessert was created in honor of her and Emmanuel's love. Torta Tenerina is much like a large chocolate brownie, with a tender texture that is said to match the tenderness of the queen's heart.
Torta Tenerina may also be called Torta Montenegrin, Torta Regina del Montenegro, Torta Tacolenta, or even other names. It originates from the village of Ferrara in the region of Emilia Romagna, and tenerina means "tender," fitting for dessert named for Queen Elena, who was said to have a sweet and kind demeanor.
The recipe for this dessert is quite simple and makes for a gloriously rich cake that is slightly crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. "Great British Bake Off" champion Giuseppe Dell'Anno told People that the cake is an absolute "heaven for chocolate lovers," and offers his own recipe in his book "Giuseppe's Italian Bakes."