Grilled and Roasted Whole Pig Cooked on a Traditional Coal and Fire during a Festival and Birthday Celebration in the Philippines
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The Temperature Tip To Remember When Smoking A Whole Pig
With everything from snout to the tail left intact, a whole roasted pig has an undeniable wow factor, but its size can make cooking a challenge. Nailing the right cooking temperature is key, so before you prepare an entire hog in the smoker, you should know how to make sure that every part of the pig is cooked properly.
Since a pig's many muscles vary in toughness and thickness, certain cuts are best enjoyed at certain temperatures. The rear rump, lean loins, and tenderloins should be smoked to about 145 degrees F, fattier shoulders should reach 203 degrees F, ribs should be smoked to 190 degrees F, and the belly should reach about 200 degrees F.
Generally, it’s recommended to add one to one and a half hours of cooking time for every 10 pounds of meat on a whole pig, but it’s crucial to differentiate the cuts. Beyond relying on the estimated smoke time, use a meat thermometer to check the various sections of meat to be sure that they've reached their correct final temperature.