A hand opening a convention oven built into a wall
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The Temperature Rule For Cooking Any Recipe For A Convection Oven
The convection oven setting on your stove uses fans to move hot air around, cooking food more evenly and faster than thermal ovens. Adjusting a family-favorite recipe may be needed to make use of the convection oven setting, but it isn't hard to do.
You can easily convert a recipe for a convection oven by simply taking 25% off the oven temperature or 25 minutes off the bake time. When roasting meat or another recipe that takes an hour or longer, reducing the time might be the better of the two options as a time-saving measure.
Whether you opt for the shorter cooking time or the lower temperature setting for your oven-roasted vegetables or sheet of brownies, still follow the same indicators that the food is done as provided in the original recipe. Meats, vegetables, casseroles, cookies, and pies all do great in a convection oven — but custards, cakes, and soufflés aren’t recommended.