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The Telltale Sign Your Store-Bought Brisket Was Frozen
When you're at the grocery store buying a brisket, you want to make sure that you're getting the freshest meat possible. That means you don't want to get meat that was previously frozen, and there is a telltale sign that you'll need to check before buying.
The telltale sign is the blood level. If the meat is fresh, there will not be a lot of blood in the package, but if there is a lot of blood, it has been previously frozen and has ice-torn meat fibers, which will result in a soggy brisket if you decide to buy and cook it.
While the blood level is the key factor for fresh meat, you'll also want to look for other signs to get the best cut of brisket possible. Make sure that the meat is stark red in color, and also lightly press on it to confirm that the meat is firm.