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The Telltale Sign A Bar Isn't Worth Your Time
There are plenty of signs that may show that a bar isn't serving drinks that are up to par, such as your beer tasting moldy, or the bartender scooping ice with the glass. If you're not settling for a dive bar, nor looking for an obviously fancy lounge, this is how to tell if the place you just sat down at will serve you something high-quality or not.
To see if a bar takes good care of its alcohol, look for the bottle of vermouth. At a decent place, you might not be able to spot the vermouth, because it should be stored in the fridge for optimal taste and freshness, says mixologist Abigail Deirdre Gullo: "If you spot a dusty bottle of vermouth on the back bar, that's Dark Ages stuff."
Vermouth should be stored in the fridge because it is technically a wine, and therefore oxidizes once it's been opened and can only retain its best flavor and aroma for up to a month, even when refrigerated. While vermouth may appear in your drinks, you shouldn't see bottles of it from your barstool at a good establishment.