Sausages falling in the air isolated on white background.
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The Tasty Reason You Should Be Boiling Sausage
Sausages can be found in countless forms around the world, from the Korean soondae sausage to vinegar-laced South African boerewor to spicy Mexican chorizo. Grilling or pan-frying sausages are popular ways to prepare them in the West, but for emulsified sausages where fat is the star, you might want to boil them instead.
Fresh, emulsified sausages that take very well to boiling, like hot dogs, bratwurst, and knockwurst, are made by stuffing a finely-ground, paste-like filling packed into a snappy casing. A grilled or pan-fried hot dog is delicious, but the flavorful fat renders out of the casing over high heat, making the sausage less juicy and tasty.
In contrast to "dry" cooking methods, gentle boiling keeps all the fat and juices inside the sausage, resulting in a link with a moist and succulent texture that doesn't have even a smidge of dryness. To boil sausage at home, use a flavorful liquid like beer, stock, wine, or tomato sauce to make them even more delicious.