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The Tangy Ingredient You Should Use For Moist Meatloaf
Classic meatloaf can be an incredibly delicious and comforting dish, so long as it’s prepared correctly. One of the most common meatloaf mistakes is leaving out binding agents, which results in a dry and crumbly texture, but beyond making sure you add a binder, try combining it with this tangy ingredient for extra moisture.
Adding buttermilk to your meatloaf mixture not only adds moisture and helps to bind the meat, but it adds a subtly tangy flavor. With a mildly fermented taste somewhat similar to yogurt, buttermilk adds a complex and unique depth to your meatloaf, which you can enhance even further by adding a little complementary garlic.
To incorporate buttermilk into your meatloaf recipe, simply soak breadcrumbs in the liquid before you add the crumbs to your meatloaf mixture and mix well. While this secret ingredient won’t be ideal for those who are sensitive to dairy, it can work wonders for your favorite recipe if you're okay with some extra lactose in your diet.