Portion of Lasagna with mince beef meat and tomato bolognese sauce in a wooden tray. Black wooden background. Top view.
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The Tangy Cheese Ina Garten Uses To Elevate Turkey Lasagna
Famed chef Ina Garten is known for being an expert in the kitchen as well as a great advice giver. So when Garten claims she has a method to improve one of our favorite pasta meals, like lasagna, we pay close attention, and you'll be shocked you hadn't thought of adding this well-known ingredient before.
The famous cook showcased her recipe for turkey lasagna on Food Network's "Barefoot Contessa," which includes staple items like onion, garlic, crushed tomatoes, and tomato paste. But then she takes out a package of goat cheese and explains, "I know it's unusual in a lasagna, but I think it gives it great flavor."
Garten says she takes the goat cheese and crumbles it right into the ricotta before making the layers of her turkey lasagna. One fan that made her pasta dish wrote, "I've made this many times and it is always delicious," but if you’re not convinced yet, even Jonesin for Taste also recommends the earthy ingredient.