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The Tangy Addition To Elevate Whipped Cream
If you're planning on baking a cake or whipping up muffins anytime soon, you may want to grab a tub of sour cream to jazz up your whipped cream topping. Using sour cream as a secret ingredient elevates your homemade batch of whipped cream while also making it more stable.
If you'd like to try a tangier version of whipped cream, add just a few tablespoons of sour cream to your heavy cream before whipping. The fat from the sour cream can add extra strength to the whipped cream, allowing it to hold its shape for longer and making it extra fluffy.
Your whipped cream's new tangy flavor profile is perfect for pairing with fruit-based dishes, cutting through the sugary flavors nicely while also complimenting the tanginess of the fruit. Plopping some fresh whip into a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee is also recommended.