A hand piping lemon icing onto a sugar cookie
The Tang Of Lemon Icing Balances The Sweetness Of Sugar Cookies
Citrus flavor is sharp and noticeable as it slices beautifully through sugary notes without overwhelming them, which makes it the perfect twist for elevating sugar cookies.
Sugar cookies can feel one-note, which lemon icing can fix. Vanilla, while overused to add flavor, is often too subtle on its own to balance a sugar cookie's sweetness.
To make lemon icing, you only need confectioner's sugar, water, and fresh lemon juice. Yellow or pink food coloring is optional, mainly for appearance.
This tangy topping can serve as a base for other flavors and open the door to a world of dessert combinations, such as infusing the icing with hints of lavender or rose water.
Nut lovers can try adding a splash of almond or walnut extract for an unforgettable earthy depth. You can also add ingredients like ube or taro, which have vanilla undertones.