Casserole dish of enchiladas with red sauce topped with fresh herbs
The Swift Method To Amplify Canned Enchilada Sauce
Making enchiladas with canned sauce is an easy weeknight dinner, but if you’re hoping to add a bit more flavor to the dish, you can quickly do so with a few pantry staples.
Whether you’re working with red or green canned sauce, you can make it much better with all-purpose flour, butter, chicken or vegetable stock, and your choice of spices.
The butter helps to emulsify the sauce, adding a creamy texture, while the flour thickens the sauce even more and and the stock and seasonings add extra flavor.
Some seasonings you can use include salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, or sazon. You can even sauté garlic, cloves, onion, or jalapeños and toss them in.
Start by sautéing your fresh veggies if you’re using them, then add in the butter, stock, and spices before mixing in the flour. Last, pour in your sauce and bring to a boil.
Finally, simmer the sauce until it's at the consistency you like. Enjoy your enchiladas, and if you have leftovers, store them separately from the sauce to prevent sogginess.