Rhubarb galette on blue and white plate
The Sweet Trick To Stop Runny Filling In Your Rhubarb Pie
Although not as popular as cherry or apple pie, rhubarb pie is a special treat with a sweet and tangy flavor. However, this veggie can be watery and turn the filling runny.
To avoid a soggy pie, try tossing your rhubarb with sugar and letting it sit for a while. This process is called maceration, which helps draw out excess liquid from fruits.
Since rhubarb is 95% water, this step is a must-do. Cut up the rhubarb stalks, mix the pieces with sugar, and let the mixture sit in a strainer over a bowl for about an hour.
The rhubarb will let go of a lot of excess moisture while also concentrating in flavor and taking on a nice sweetness. Once it's done macerating, make your pie as usual.
If you don’t want to waste the flavorful sugar-and-rhubarb liquid left in the bowl, consider simmering it with a thickener like cornstarch and adding it back into your pie.