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The Sweet Substitution In Queen Camilla’s Favorite Cake
Queen Elizabeth was particular about the food she liked, and King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla seem to be following in her footsteps with quirky food preferences of their own. When it comes to Queen Consort Camilla, she puts her own unique spin on a classic English cake.
Victoria sponge cake commonly makes an appearance at afternoon tea, and consists of two fluffy sponge cakes with generous layers of fruit jam and whipped cream slathered between them. Because of how it’s stacked with fillings, the Victoria sponge is more colloquially referred to as a Victoria sandwich.
Queen Consort Camilla prefers a more complex flavor when it comes to Victoria sponge, and will swap out the fruit preserves for either Nutella for a richer, chocolaty variation, or lemon curd, for a tangy edge. Next time you’re craving something sweet, try the Queen’s favorites or find a new filling of your own.